Mud daubers build their nests from mud on vertical or horizontal faces of walls and overhangs. RV furnaces and vents provide just the sort of home that is ideal for a mud dauber. Unfortunately, Mud dauber nests can be very destructive to an RV furnace, resulting in costly repairs and in most cases a new furnace. 

Mud daubers gather mud, roll it into balls and form small dirt nests like the one seen here.

Mud daubers come in a variety of colors: solid black, black and yellow, or metallic blue but each variety can be identified by its long, narrow waist. Though mud daubers are rarely aggressive they can sting so use caution when investigating possible infestations. 

Mud daubers collect mud for their nests and deposit it inside furnaces. Once hardened, the nests act like shards of pottery inside a running furnace. This is when damages occur.

 If you do not have mud dauber screens to protect your RV furnace, you should add them immediately before mud daubers and wasps have a chance to cause expensive furnace repairs.

Mud Dauber Screens protect your furnace by preventing mud daubers as well as spiders, wasps, birds and other small animals from entering through open vents.

Signs to look for: your RV furnace is not running well, doesn’t want to light, makes odd noises or you have seen mud daubers in the area.

If you suspect you already have and infestation of mud dauber nests turn off your furnace and call the experts at Wild Willy RVs. 706-867-9978      

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