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In general, trailer wheel bearings should be serviced annually or every 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Grease also breaks down on stored trailers, allowing corrosion to form.

Signs to look for: Squeaking, whining, grinding and any unusual sounds that may vary depending on speed 

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Wheel bearing repack $85.00 per axle includes grease (bearing seals and other replacement parts not included)

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       *** DARN IT BROKE "That's Going To Cost" Back to the drawing Board; TRY TRY AGAIN !!***

  Dear ***  Customer Note: IN ALL my years with working with RV MFG Warranty of the Installed After Market Products (AMP's)  that make RV's what they are today. Not just a Box. That's right even the wheels axles, AC, Power supplies, water heater, furnace,stove, refrigerator, ETC. are made outside of the MFG, that Built THE Camper RV BOX with there name on it. So (RV-BOX MFG's) ONLY Warranty is Structure they made it. OH YEAH they know were they got the stuff from They put in it, but they don't warranty all of it and some of these parts have a longer warranty than the BOX Builders gives. WOW!!
***Now here is the big Picture:  **IT is on Wheels so it can be brought in for Service. The AMP's Parts  MFG's didn't put it in the camper BOX they didn't Design the RV Box.***  So they won't pay SERVICE CALL's. It's a blessing if they do. The Original labor estimate from the AMP's is just for installing on assembly line rates. So once again they do not pay trouble shooting, THEY DON'T WANT TO. AMP's Do not what to pay for Removing, Changeovers, Packing, Administration cost ETC. When it come to warranty it cost the (AMP's-MFG) more than they made when they wholesale Product to MFG of the RV-BOX. See the AMP's Lowest  Bidder of  large quantity gets the sale to  RV-BOX MFG of each gigged up design being put on a assembly line. More profit for RV-Box Builder or not, that is another Basket of Rotten eggs in to today's RV's Economy. I can't tell you how many times I have replaced parts for free that I have sold or installed to keep customers happy and Eat the service call, Labor and the parts I honer under Warranty, and some times its was customer sabotage. When doing Warranty for other AMP's-MFG as the service provider we got to dot the TEE's we got to figure out what went wrong and help the AMP's fix it and if we miss some little thing and its our fault or Drop, Brake or Something happens to the replaced warranty product in transport while we have it, we Eat it and have to pay out of pocket. This can then take more time and make us look bad and it could cost us allot more than anyone in this warranty Nightmare! ** BEEN BLESSED VERY FEW NIGHTMARES!!!      IF the Freight or shipping company Damages replacement product they have to pay for it or there insurance pay's and the product will need reorder again more time and customer get's Frustrated at the warranty Nightmare!     Wild Willy RV's A.S.A.P. is a small DBA business in north Georgia 16+ Years  Providing RV Service, Part and Warranty Service for Jayco MFG and other RV-MFG's with Customer Request, Extended Warranty Co., After Market Product MFG's and providing a Mobile Service to all MFG's and Customers. ** Warranty: So the Customer sometimes Has to PAY what Warranty WILL NOT PAY because we can't work for FREE. BROKEN WE ARE JUST TRYING TO HELP FIX IT! Final Note: WE need paid too but warranty doesn't pay for everything we are lucky just to get the PARTS REPLACED If you get LABOR PAID count your blessings! * GOOD LUCKY out there in the WARRANTY NIGHTMARE. *

Thanks Otto Cunningham.

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Technical Bulletin
Dometic Brisk Air II

Dear Valued Dometic RV Dealers,

At Dometic, we continually strive to provide you with the industry’s leading products and services and we are extremely proud of our more than 80-year history serving those enjoying a mobile lifestyle. We feel that direct communication is essential in maintaining your trust established over all these years, and thus wish to take a moment to bring you up to speed on a specific issue related to our Brisk Air II line of RV Air Conditioners.

Over the past few months, we have been working with select dealers to properly identify and diagnose a durability concern related to the evaporator coils in our Brisk Air II Air Conditioner line. This condition is not apparent on all but a select volume of the units produced since 2013 and has been covered under our warranty terms; however, the incident rate does exceed the durability and quality standards we maintain internally as well as the quality standard you have come to expect from us. As such, we would like to take a moment to clarify what the issue entails and just as importantly detail what we have done to ensure the root cause has been addressed:

Condition – Root Cause

  • On 3-5% of units produced with manufacture dates between 2013 and March 25th, 2015, we have discovered the supplier of evaporator coils for our Brisk Air II units had an intermittent process issue that yielded the potential for premature corrosion which could create a leak in the evaporator coil which would directly affect the cooling performance of the unit.
    • For the balance of the units produced during this time (95%+), the evaporator coils were manufactured properly utilizing that specified corrosion inhibiting process and thus are not subject to the issue.
    • This manufacturing process issue has been remedied for all units produced after March 25th, 2015.

Population Affected ​

  • Potential for condition on 3-5% of all Brisk Air II Units produced between 2013 and March 25th, 2015.

Population NOT Affected ​

  • 95%+ of all Brisk Air II Units produced between 2013 and March 25th, 2015.
  • Brisk Air II Units produced after March 25th, 2015.
  • All other Dometic/Atwood lines of Air Conditioners including Penguin, HP, Coolcat, and Aircommand.

As always, we stand behind our products and have both our Field Sales Team and our Customer Service Team available to address any questions you may have regarding this condition. Further, we announced in late July that effective August 1st, Dometic is extending the warranty flat rate from 1.0 hours to 1.5 hours on the replacement of RV Air Conditioners so as to better meet your needs.

We wish thank you for your continued support of Dometic, and in particular for your patience as we thoroughly investigated this issue. We look forward to serving your needs going forward!

Best Regards,

Dometic Customer Service Team
ph: 888.867.4188 Opt 6; email:

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